Tattoo Removals

Sex-Trafficking Survivors & Gang Affiliation

Soul Survivor works with men and woman and youth who have survived the traumatic ordeal or sex-trafficking. We specialize in helping survivors overcome the past by removing, lightening or covering branding tattoos from their previous sex-trafficking owners. We also work with state correction facilities to help remove, lighten and cover up gang affiliation tattoos.

Above you’ll see some of the actual hand prints from survivors who have participated in our tattoo lightening and removal process. We call it our “Freedom Wall”. It represents the freedom of a new future in a survivor’s ordeal once the “branding tattoos” have been removed.

If you are interested in participating or have been referred to us by a partner organization, please fill out the Scholarship Application below to get started. We require all participants to fill these forms out completely. The basis of any scholarshipping is based on critical information included, among other factors.


Vanity Tattoo Removals

Soul Survivor also does private sessions for tattoo lightening and removal. Costs vary by participant. Please call for consultation.

We can determine based on your skin type,location of tattoo, and background of tattoo creation the possible success rate. While no tattoo removal can be guaranteed, we try our best to give you a realistic picture of what it would costs to have your tattoo removed.

Possible elements that would prevent you from being a good removal or lightening candidate include tattoos older than 20 years, pregnancy or open wounds or skin conditions. It’s important we take inventory of your specific needs. We look forward to talking with you.

Tattoo Removal & Lightening Machines

Soul Survivor trains technicians on the process of tattoo removal using our LightBlade technology. If this interests you please call us and make note of your specific interest. We currently provide a training package for every device *we do not sell it to private individuals). Prices begin at $699 for device and training. Payment arrangements may be made to accommodate special situations.

If you are a tech who is interested in the non-profit mission of Soul Survivor Inc., we can help you with special certification and pricing for certification and device costs.

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