Becoming a Soul Survivor Inc. partner

Soul Survivor Inc. mission and passion is to help men and woman who have had to overcome the hurts, tragedy and difficulties that come with being a sex-trafficking survivor, or ex-member of a gang. By providing reduced-cost or free tattoo removal, lightening or cover-ups for survivors, Soul Survivor Inc., is able to encourage and promote healing in these individuals.

Along with our vision to help a hurting community of men and women, young and old, Soul Survivor Inc., knows there are significant costs and challenges with awareness in the cities, neighborhoods and buroughs of America.

If you would like to help us either financially, or with in-kind donations, or would like to become a referring organization, or simply want to help us bring awareness to these horrible tragedies that befall people, please fill out the form below. Once you submit, we’ll carefully review.

While we cannot guarantee acceptance as a partner, we always appreciate kind souls who desire to align with Soul Survivor Inc. Please simply know that we have limited resources and have to be discerning about where we can allocate our attention while we expand our reach.

If we do decide we can create a partnership we’ll likely then request follow up correspondence or conversations about how you can become a partner in the mission to encourage help and free people of a terrible past. Thank you so much for your heart and willingness to help.


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