Soul Survivor Inc., is dedicated to helping young women and men overcome the emotional damage inflicted by sex-trafficking by removing or lightening tattoos they may have been “branded” with during their ordeal. The brutal fact is, thousands of young men and woman suffer a great tragedy in life every day. They become victims of sex-trafficking, gang violence and affiliation, and then must suffer the consequences the rest of their days.

By eliminating the reminder of their past hurt, the healing can begin. Our heart is in helping these sex-trafficking survivors as much as possible, so we provide their treatment free of charge, when possible. As organizations partner with us, we can offer them low-cost training and annual upkeep fees due to our non-profit mission. Then we refer the incoming survivors to those same organizations for treatment as “affiliate centers.”

Soul Survivor Inc. uses a proprietary process to break up and remove tattoos without laser treatments! The pain is less, the treatment time reduced and damage restricted. We use our LightBlade technology and healing ointment, as well as an aggressive treatment schedule to ensure a sterile, safe process.

One of the main ways we can do this is through partnerships, exposure and word-of mouth. Of course, donors are the lifeblood. But every word, mention and share about the objective to help these survivors helps. In fact, developments even this year have been tremendous as we’ve developed a wonderful relationship with the Pinal County prison system and are actively helping prisoner’s who are about to exit the system remove gang affiliation tattoos and more. This exclusive relationship could only be possible with community impact by friends like those who support our mission.

We have technicians throughout the United States that are trained professionals. eager if you desire any help with like-minded outreach and change. We aren’t the biggest or even” shiniest” non-profit with a mission. But we are deeply passionate, and fight for what we believe in – that people should be treated with dignity and be given a hope for the future, perhaps a little more peace for their soul.

If you would like to become a trained and certified technician please contact us to learn more. There are some nominal training fees involved. Certified and trained technicians are required to “purchase” LightBlade and micro-needling (if not trained) training package to become affiliate. This cost can be paid in payments or lump sum. Technicians are:

  • Trained professionals who desire to remove or lighten tattoos.
  • Certified in Micro-needling procedures.
  • Trained in LightBlade technology.
  • May or may not have blood handling certification.
  • Currently tattoo artist or has strong desire to work with skin.
  • Have a local place of business that is safe and discrete.

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