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Soul Survivor Inc., is a donor supported non-profit based out of Phoenix , Arizona. We have a heart for young women and girls who have survived the trauma, physical and emotional abuse of sex-trafficking. We also help those with old gang affiliations who desire to make a new start. Whether the individual is a young man or woman, we help remove or lighten branding tattoos or insignias to help the healing process move forward.

By spreading across the United States with certified and trained Soul Survivor Inc. affiliates, we can help local community organizations in any state or region help young people leave the past behind. We don’t charge the youth who make their way to our proprietary process and trained affiliates, so the burden is lighter.

We encourage any local tattoo shop or permanent cosmetics salon owner to ask about how they can become a certified and trained Soul Survivor Inc., affiliate so they too can make an impact in their local communities. Every affiliate becomes not only a beacon of hope for those youngsters, they also earn a small fee from Soul Survivor Inc., as a token of appreciation for our partnership. While it’s not a lot it mitigates some of the time involved, and is an important part of our long term growth strategy to touch as many lives in a positive way as possible.

Tattoo Lightening, Removals & More

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved – to receive services, become a partner organization, become a donor (Click here to donate), or become a certified and trained affiliate, please use the form below and we’ll contact you personally.

If you are interested in personal tattoo removal or becoming a certified affiliate please (click here).

Becoming an SSI Partner

If you are a private or non-profit organization that deals with sex-trafficking or gang rehabilitation and would like more information, or desire to become a partner with Soul Survivor Inc., please click here to discover more about partnership opportunities.

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